“I like you”

“I like you.”

These three simple words seem so easy to say, yet when it is the truth, it takes a lot of courage to really say it to the guy you really like. And it gets really hard because you like this guy, and he’s really nice to you. But then again, he’s nice to everyone and you don’t really know what’s on his mind. You blush a little and you start meddling with your hair. You wanna look good. Because “you like him”.

He seems to be walking towards you. You blush even harder because he’s been your crush for six months and you wanted to tell him “I like you” but he walked too quickly and you never quite got the chance. Nonetheless, you turned your head to quickly say “I like you”.  Yes, you did.

Except the guy has walked away and where he was standing stood in place your best friend. Your best friend laughed at you, thinking you looked silly with a failed “I like you”. You blush with embarrassment, running after him and making him swear that he would keep this a secret.

Years later, someone walks down the aisle with you. As he puts on the ring on your finger, instead of you saying “I like you”. Your best friend tells you “I love you”.


That’s the end of something really short I thought of…I was thinking of a cute romance story….I’m still wondering how I ended up imagining this really cliche but adorable love story but yeah haha, I guess I did.

Don’t we all wish our love stories would be perfect like this?

Signing off,

Girl in Pink