Everyone would do the same

It was 7pm at night and I was in school. Unzipping my bag to get my wallet out so I could buy fries from school, it made me realise my wallet wasn’t with me. I ran all the way to the toilet nearest to my classroom (my school’s pretty big) and yeah, it wasn’t there anymore.

It’s gone. The wallet with 4-5 years of sentimental value was gone in a poof. I tried to shake it off on my way home, convincing myself not to worry. The wallet is 4 years old; it’s time to change. There’s my ezlink card inside; it’s okay, it’ll all work out. The $50 worth of popular vouches – I won it so I’d take it that it never happened. And of course, all that cash; thank god it was the end of the week and all I had was $2.

Even then, I was worried and the guilt lingered on. When I went home, my parents were generally nice about it although we all knew, they would not let me off without a nagging. Nonetheless, we decided I was going to look for it tomorrow and chances are, it won’t be there and we’ll get through this.

Or at least I would.

I went for my lessons.

When I went home, I saw in email in my school mail account (yep, the school has a server with a students’ directory and stuffs) and in the title, I saw  “Lost Wallet”. It was addressed to me from a girl (a senior) who told me that she found my wallet in the toilet near my classroom and asked if she could pass it to me tomorrow and let her know that I have seen this email.

Naturally, I was squealing at home, thanking God that the wallet ended up in the hands of a really kind person. As much as I would like to be idealistic, even I knew, not everyone return wallets that they have picked up. And even if they do, not all of them would drop an email assuring you not to worry because the wallet is with them and that they will safeguard it for you till you get it back tomorrow.

Many will but not all.

I was lucky.

And along with my thanks and other questions, I thanked her and even said that “I was glad it was found by such a kind person” and guess what she said?

She humbly said, “Nah, everyone would do the same,”

And to this, I smiled. Just that thought of everyone doing the right thing gave a warm glow to my heart. It didn’t matter that not everyone did it but this girl (this senior) – she was so optimistic, cheerful and humble.

I know for sure that I would do the same. And in future if I ever find a wallet, I would go the extra mile and mail that person that hey, her/his wallet is with me.

And I know that having received that kindness, others will be moved to do the same. Because they have been through the panic of not finding a valuable item but they have been shown kindness.

It’s just a wallet with $2 inside. But yet, how the whole thing was handled was so heartwarming I couldn’t help but post about it.

To the senior who picked up my wallet, thank you 🙂 I’m super grateful to you 🙂

And to everyone out there, when you pick up something that’s not yours, spread the kindness because everyone would do the same~

Signing off,

Girl in Pink