Perfect Couple Drama Recommendation!

As a great fan of period dramas (especially Chinese ones), I would definitely recommend Perfect Couple, or known in Chinese as 金玉良缘, Jin Yu Liang Yuan.

It is really worth watching because it is one of those romcom dramas that’s really enjoyable. Although there is a great deal of sadness towards the end, I still thought on the whole, the whole process of watching the drama was still rather satisfying!

Yu Qilin is a girl on a mission to find her adoptive mother’s birth son while Jin Yuan Bao is the son of the Great General Jin who passed away when he was born. When the two meet and marry thanks to the works of destiny, they fell in love and well…if I say anymore, it would really ruin the surprise already!

The two leads are Wallace Huo and Tiffany Tang and they have such a good chemistry that they are the anchor to the entire show and storyline. Finally “reuniting” after 5 years since Chinese Paladin 3, this is their first production after Chinese Paladin 3 together!!

And the costumes are really adorable!! ^^

And I do know that sometimes watching the entire drama (42 episodes) can be such a pain when you are DYING to know what is happening haha. So here’s the link to highly detailed recaps of the drama based on episode. SPOILERS ALERT! So only read it when it’s your path of survival HAHA.

Heehee, meanwhile, I’ll be recovering from my drama hangover.

Signing off,

Girl in Pink