Growing Up: Wanting a wardrobe change

I was just looking at my wardrobe when I realised all my t-shirts were all the old ones from the previous batch of compulsory/forced shopping trip. 4-5 years ago. And so I decided it’s time I get something a little more teenager-ish so yeah, it got approved – my proposal for a……… wardrobe do-over!!! *squeals* 

It’s something on a small scale so yeah, I’m just gonna clear, I don’t know, half? I mean, hey I should take it slow right? 

Super thrilled! 


Signing off, 

Girl in Pink


P.s. I’m gonna start posting new clothes when I get them XD 

P.p.s. Read and be bored and exit this page, or help me and give me fashion advice, shopping recommendations and even comments – that’d be so nice! ^^