Why I am back

Okay, the last time I posted (apart from today) was in November 2013. And I didn’t write anything for so long because I got lazy and I was pretty busy as well. BUT THEN I had this friend – okay technically one of my best friends in school – she went to stalk this page and so well, I was reminded of this blog and so ta-da, I’m back online. 

I think this blog is kind of like keeping an online diary? Like it’s so much easier to type than to actually painstakingly write every word out, so yeah, shoutout to a special friend, you-know-who-you-are, I don’t care if you’re reading this now or something HAHA.

Signing off, 

Girl in Pink 

P.s. I don’t plan to sign off with my real name. It feels so weird. Since I’m talking to like virtually no one or like some virtual website, I should be using a virtual name too right? 

P.p.s. I really do like pink by the way.


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