Why I am back

Okay, the last time I posted (apart from today) was in November 2013. And I didn’t write anything for so long because I got lazy and I was pretty busy as well. BUT THEN I had this friend – okay technically one of my best friends in school – she went to stalk this page and so well, I was reminded of this blog and so ta-da, I’m back online. 

I think this blog is kind of like keeping an online diary? Like it’s so much easier to type than to actually painstakingly write every word out, so yeah, shoutout to a special friend, you-know-who-you-are, I don’t care if you’re reading this now or something HAHA.

Signing off, 

Girl in Pink 

P.s. I don’t plan to sign off with my real name. It feels so weird. Since I’m talking to like virtually no one or like some virtual website, I should be using a virtual name too right? 

P.p.s. I really do like pink by the way.


Perfect Couple Drama Recommendation!

As a great fan of period dramas (especially Chinese ones), I would definitely recommend Perfect Couple, or known in Chinese as 金玉良缘, Jin Yu Liang Yuan.

It is really worth watching because it is one of those romcom dramas that’s really enjoyable. Although there is a great deal of sadness towards the end, I still thought on the whole, the whole process of watching the drama was still rather satisfying!

Yu Qilin is a girl on a mission to find her adoptive mother’s birth son while Jin Yuan Bao is the son of the Great General Jin who passed away when he was born. When the two meet and marry thanks to the works of destiny, they fell in love and well…if I say anymore, it would really ruin the surprise already!

The two leads are Wallace Huo and Tiffany Tang and they have such a good chemistry that they are the anchor to the entire show and storyline. Finally “reuniting” after 5 years since Chinese Paladin 3, this is their first production after Chinese Paladin 3 together!!

And the costumes are really adorable!! ^^

And I do know that sometimes watching the entire drama (42 episodes) can be such a pain when you are DYING to know what is happening haha. So here’s the link to highly detailed recaps of the drama based on episode. SPOILERS ALERT! So only read it when it’s your path of survival HAHA.


Heehee, meanwhile, I’ll be recovering from my drama hangover.

Signing off,

Girl in Pink

Growing Up: Wanting a wardrobe change

I was just looking at my wardrobe when I realised all my t-shirts were all the old ones from the previous batch of compulsory/forced shopping trip. 4-5 years ago. And so I decided it’s time I get something a little more teenager-ish so yeah, it got approved – my proposal for a……… wardrobe do-over!!! *squeals* 

It’s something on a small scale so yeah, I’m just gonna clear, I don’t know, half? I mean, hey I should take it slow right? 

Super thrilled! 


Signing off, 

Girl in Pink


P.s. I’m gonna start posting new clothes when I get them XD 

P.p.s. Read and be bored and exit this page, or help me and give me fashion advice, shopping recommendations and even comments – that’d be so nice! ^^

Buying from an ice-cream cart

I’m in Malaysia, in a town called Batu Pahat.

It’s not KL, it’s not JB, and therefore, many people think it’s a Kampong tucked away in Malaysia.

But really, it’s not that kampong-ish. Of course, we can’t compare it to KL – they’re cities but at least over here, they have buildings, cars, malls, cinemas, and duh, restaurants (food).

So I was at a slightly older part of town (where there are real houses) and over there, I saw an ice cream cart.

I know what people are going to say, want to buy ice cream from an ice cream cart, Orchard Road also got, so what’s so special about this ice-cream cart?

Well, let’s just say the ones in Orchard Road is stationary in the sense that they are parked there and people go there to buy, but over here, the cart is really a mobile ice-cream cart that moves. The Malay man pedals the bike with a metal thing attached to the back of the bike. I was in my car (modern kid, I am) but when I saw it, I couldn’t help but come out to buy the ice cream.

I paid RM 2 (S$0.80?) and I ran off, happily eating only half of the entire cup.

And then I thought about it, maybe this is how our parents felt like when they were young. They, too, had a dollar and at the steps of their house (at that time, maybe not condo/hdb yet). They heard the ice cream cart playing the same song, ringing the same bell. They run towards it to buy the ice cream. It’s not Haagen Daz, it’s not Macdonalds or Swensen, but the thrill of buying an ice cream from an ice cream truck made eating that ice cream nicer than the Haagen Daz’s one.

I haven’t seen one in Singapore or a lot of places. They’re an endangered species so if you do hear the bell of an ice-cream cart ringing. Run out and buy a cup.

You’d feel the warmth of the good old days, and I promise you, it’d be an unforgettable ice cream.

Signing off,

Girl in Pink

Everyone would do the same

It was 7pm at night and I was in school. Unzipping my bag to get my wallet out so I could buy fries from school, it made me realise my wallet wasn’t with me. I ran all the way to the toilet nearest to my classroom (my school’s pretty big) and yeah, it wasn’t there anymore.

It’s gone. The wallet with 4-5 years of sentimental value was gone in a poof. I tried to shake it off on my way home, convincing myself not to worry. The wallet is 4 years old; it’s time to change. There’s my ezlink card inside; it’s okay, it’ll all work out. The $50 worth of popular vouches – I won it so I’d take it that it never happened. And of course, all that cash; thank god it was the end of the week and all I had was $2.

Even then, I was worried and the guilt lingered on. When I went home, my parents were generally nice about it although we all knew, they would not let me off without a nagging. Nonetheless, we decided I was going to look for it tomorrow and chances are, it won’t be there and we’ll get through this.

Or at least I would.

I went for my lessons.

When I went home, I saw in email in my school mail account (yep, the school has a server with a students’ directory and stuffs) and in the title, I saw  “Lost Wallet”. It was addressed to me from a girl (a senior) who told me that she found my wallet in the toilet near my classroom and asked if she could pass it to me tomorrow and let her know that I have seen this email.

Naturally, I was squealing at home, thanking God that the wallet ended up in the hands of a really kind person. As much as I would like to be idealistic, even I knew, not everyone return wallets that they have picked up. And even if they do, not all of them would drop an email assuring you not to worry because the wallet is with them and that they will safeguard it for you till you get it back tomorrow.

Many will but not all.

I was lucky.

And along with my thanks and other questions, I thanked her and even said that “I was glad it was found by such a kind person” and guess what she said?

She humbly said, “Nah, everyone would do the same,”

And to this, I smiled. Just that thought of everyone doing the right thing gave a warm glow to my heart. It didn’t matter that not everyone did it but this girl (this senior) – she was so optimistic, cheerful and humble.

I know for sure that I would do the same. And in future if I ever find a wallet, I would go the extra mile and mail that person that hey, her/his wallet is with me.

And I know that having received that kindness, others will be moved to do the same. Because they have been through the panic of not finding a valuable item but they have been shown kindness.

It’s just a wallet with $2 inside. But yet, how the whole thing was handled was so heartwarming I couldn’t help but post about it.

To the senior who picked up my wallet, thank you 🙂 I’m super grateful to you 🙂

And to everyone out there, when you pick up something that’s not yours, spread the kindness because everyone would do the same~

Signing off,

Girl in Pink

Daily Prompt: I Am a Rock

Hmm I’m guilty for liking to rely on myself… While I do ask people for help, I only do so when it is the last resort. If I can do it myself, definitely, I’d rather do things myself. Not sure why, but perhaps, I am generally not trusting enough and I don’t want to owe someone too much so yeah, I guess so… Maybe that’s why I even choose to remain anonymous; I am not a very open person yet I do enjoy doing these kinda things….Okay, in conclusion, I’m just weird XD

“I like you”

“I like you.”

These three simple words seem so easy to say, yet when it is the truth, it takes a lot of courage to really say it to the guy you really like. And it gets really hard because you like this guy, and he’s really nice to you. But then again, he’s nice to everyone and you don’t really know what’s on his mind. You blush a little and you start meddling with your hair. You wanna look good. Because “you like him”.

He seems to be walking towards you. You blush even harder because he’s been your crush for six months and you wanted to tell him “I like you” but he walked too quickly and you never quite got the chance. Nonetheless, you turned your head to quickly say “I like you”.  Yes, you did.

Except the guy has walked away and where he was standing stood in place your best friend. Your best friend laughed at you, thinking you looked silly with a failed “I like you”. You blush with embarrassment, running after him and making him swear that he would keep this a secret.

Years later, someone walks down the aisle with you. As he puts on the ring on your finger, instead of you saying “I like you”. Your best friend tells you “I love you”.


That’s the end of something really short I thought of…I was thinking of a cute romance story….I’m still wondering how I ended up imagining this really cliche but adorable love story but yeah haha, I guess I did.

Don’t we all wish our love stories would be perfect like this?

Signing off,

Girl in Pink